Brand Spanking New

So, I am new to this whole blogging thing. Well, as far as my personal life goes. I do it for work all the time. I decided to start writing because I keep a daily journal for my husband and I thought it would be good to share my experiences in a way that may be insightful or helpful to others.  This also allows us to record our successes and defeats so that we can continue to reflect back on our own history.

I have truly enjoyed and learned so much from reading the blogs that are painstakingly kept by the brave women and men who choose to document their DD lives. Even remaining anonymous, each author introduces a level of intimacy and vulnerability within their stories.  These blogs are published and subject to public and private scrutiny.  Each author presentd something on a level so personal, I find it to be inspirational and deeply humbling.  

Eventually, I hope to achieve being recognized as brave enough to share my honest story on this blog. In sharing; I wish to remain grounded, to cast aside personal judgement of others, to be emboldened by sharing my story and continuing to learn from the experiences of others.  

I have come across many blogs that I enjoy reading from genuine DD practitioners producing insightful material and thoughtful posts. These blogs may or may not be current or actively posted to.  Sometimes, months or years of active posts are then followed by…silence.  Sometimes, the authors pop back up, but more often, the blog remains dormant.  No explanation is offered.  I want to ask…

Did you get too busy?

Was the dynamic/lifestyle not for you?

Was blogging about your personal DD relationship too overwhelming for you or your partner?

Did you feel pressured by outsider (or insider) comments and views?

Were you “outed,” either publicly, or within your personal or private life?

Keeping up with a blog isn’t easy.  It’s not that I wish to impose on the authors of these “ghost blogs,” or even feel that the blogs/bloggers in question have a responsibility to notify the online community of any changes of heart, dissolved relationships, or that they have simply chosen to not continue their blog.  

My only fear is that people new to the life, or those considering it, may feel discouraged by the sudden drop-off of posts, or incorrectly assume that it isn’t working out for the authors of these blogs.  Since so few blogs are regularly maintained and kept for longer than a few years, it is difficult for an outsider to gauge whether or not the lack of maintenance of the blog is directly related to the relationship or dynamic not working.

To all of you seasoned bloggers out there and those who have been a part of the community and followed DD Blogs for some time… Do you feel that the lack of ongoing posts and abandoned DD blogs are more often than not a direct result of something other than the domestic discipline dynamic not working out?

I am highly encouraged by the revitalization that has been experienced in my life after choosing to live the DD life.

I hope to keep up with this blog as much as possible.  I promise this won’t be my last post.  😉




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