Ladies and Gentlemen…



The Best of Intentions and Complexities of Life

My last post was full of passion and vigor.  This post may be a bit anti-climactic.

We have made great progress on our trek to 21 days of submission.  However, so many frustrating and better yet, exciting things have happened since then.  Since this is a spanking blog, I will spare you all of the boring details and get to the important stuff.

I have felt the sting of the paddle, belt and flogger recently.  Some of them were playful, some of them in blissful submission and a few more were necessary punishments.  In side news, I am working on trying to keep my bum in top form.  I have looked around and read what others do for a spanked bottom and I have developed my own routine.

I find that its important that I exfoliate and I like using sea salt scrubs.  I also like using essential oils after a warm bath and gentle exfoliation.  Not too in-depth, but I am working on perfecting it.

In terms of becoming extra submissive over the last 21 days…It has been a merry-go-round of business meetings, disrupted friendships, intense work conditions and massive change all around.  All of that coupled with some legal battles and a million extra things to do, it has been difficult to maintain that kind of time commitment.

The sex is still there.  It is still incredibly sensual and intimate.  There has been so much powerful energy coursing through both of us from every angle of life, that sexual release has become something of an escape for us.  The one place, in each other’s arms, is where we both feel safe and know that despite the tension and uncertainty, we have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.  There have been fights and inconsistencies on both of our parts due to life catching up with us and demanding more of our energy.  It is nice to be able to get together and bang the angry out of each other.

Communication is still the number one critical factor.  Constructive communication is the one element of our relationship (and I would guess most everyone’s) that needs to be constantly fostered and enriched.  It can be so hard to do that when life’s highs and lows are coming hard and fast like baseballs out of an automatic pitching machine.  I began to wonder if we had failed or that we couldn’t go on just because our 21 days didn’t go exactly as planned.  But…do we quit being married when we get in a fight?  Do we stop driving forever after we get a flat tire?  Do the kids stop going to school forever if they get snowed in for a few days?  Nope.  So neither do we.

Anyone who tries to prescribe an exact formula for your relationship hasn’t lived in your relationship.  I will never profess that the way we do things is somehow superior to the way that anyone else does their thing.  If it works, it works.  And in our case, it is a constant evolution that comes and goes like the tides.  Moods and scenarios are seemingly cyclical, and I understand that the problem I face today may be the opportunity that knocks tomorrow.  What I know for sure is constant – I want to be involved in the most passionate relationship possible.  I have it, although it is constantly under construction. Somewhere, up in the scaffolding, is the solid realization that I will forever cherish this man and want to be the best I can be for him and myself.  My love for JP is rock solid.

And so is something else…so I gotta get going and enjoy some tension relief.


Humbled Pink