Great article about a woman who is really in touch with herself…spiritually and sexually. She loves retro / vintage undergarments & lingerie and is a very accomplished graphic illustrator and designer. We share many passions. Thanks to Fatima for following me and TheNylonSwish for interviewing her; allowing many interested readers to learn more about her!


The Nylon Swish

One of the best things that has come out of blogging for me, is discovering other bloggers that I might not have otherwise known about. A few months ago, I noticed a new blog name on my dashboard that I hadn’t seen before so I went to check it out. To my absolute delight, the blog turned out to be run by a woman named Fatima who writes articles about retro underwear (amongst other topics) and creates brilliant illustrations to go with them.

Fatima fascinated me. The part that interested me the most about her was that despite being a hajib wearing muslim lady, she was extremely open about her sex life and choice of clothing, which included retro underwear.

Having worked in Saudi Arabia in 2010, I know very well how the women dress under their Abayas and that often they harbour secret interests that they rarely let anyone know…

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