Super Blood Moon Aries Lunar eclipse

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REMEMBER how crazy the energy felt during April’s eclipses? Don’t fear the upcoming Super Blood FULL Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE October 8 although it will be BAZINGA!

Yes it packs a huge wallop but is also extremely creative, freeing and supported by some mighty  positive aspects.

It’s Yom Kippur in the Jewish Calendar the Highest Holy Day of the Year. The day of Atonement or at one ment.  We have attoned for our sins and beginning a fresh cycle. Aries is the first sign.

The SUN is in Libra at 15+ degrees, the sign of  arts and balance. Air sign of the mind. The South Node of the Moon, is at 19 degrees Aries, a fortunate degree of our collective past. We can let go..Moon is opposite the SUN.  

Venus, close to the Sun at 10 degrees Libra, the Goddess of Arts, LOVE and female creativity, GRACE, beauty, balance.The beautiful planet…

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The Best of Intentions and Complexities of Life

My last post was full of passion and vigor.  This post may be a bit anti-climactic.

We have made great progress on our trek to 21 days of submission.  However, so many frustrating and better yet, exciting things have happened since then.  Since this is a spanking blog, I will spare you all of the boring details and get to the important stuff.

I have felt the sting of the paddle, belt and flogger recently.  Some of them were playful, some of them in blissful submission and a few more were necessary punishments.  In side news, I am working on trying to keep my bum in top form.  I have looked around and read what others do for a spanked bottom and I have developed my own routine.

I find that its important that I exfoliate and I like using sea salt scrubs.  I also like using essential oils after a warm bath and gentle exfoliation.  Not too in-depth, but I am working on perfecting it.

In terms of becoming extra submissive over the last 21 days…It has been a merry-go-round of business meetings, disrupted friendships, intense work conditions and massive change all around.  All of that coupled with some legal battles and a million extra things to do, it has been difficult to maintain that kind of time commitment.

The sex is still there.  It is still incredibly sensual and intimate.  There has been so much powerful energy coursing through both of us from every angle of life, that sexual release has become something of an escape for us.  The one place, in each other’s arms, is where we both feel safe and know that despite the tension and uncertainty, we have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.  There have been fights and inconsistencies on both of our parts due to life catching up with us and demanding more of our energy.  It is nice to be able to get together and bang the angry out of each other.

Communication is still the number one critical factor.  Constructive communication is the one element of our relationship (and I would guess most everyone’s) that needs to be constantly fostered and enriched.  It can be so hard to do that when life’s highs and lows are coming hard and fast like baseballs out of an automatic pitching machine.  I began to wonder if we had failed or that we couldn’t go on just because our 21 days didn’t go exactly as planned.  But…do we quit being married when we get in a fight?  Do we stop driving forever after we get a flat tire?  Do the kids stop going to school forever if they get snowed in for a few days?  Nope.  So neither do we.

Anyone who tries to prescribe an exact formula for your relationship hasn’t lived in your relationship.  I will never profess that the way we do things is somehow superior to the way that anyone else does their thing.  If it works, it works.  And in our case, it is a constant evolution that comes and goes like the tides.  Moods and scenarios are seemingly cyclical, and I understand that the problem I face today may be the opportunity that knocks tomorrow.  What I know for sure is constant – I want to be involved in the most passionate relationship possible.  I have it, although it is constantly under construction. Somewhere, up in the scaffolding, is the solid realization that I will forever cherish this man and want to be the best I can be for him and myself.  My love for JP is rock solid.

And so is something else…so I gotta get going and enjoy some tension relief.


Humbled Pink


Lessons in Submission

Things have been a bit amiss lately.  Kids are back in school, both of us are incredibly busy with work, friendships and starting a new business venture; there just hasn’t been much time to focus on us or our domestic discipline goals and commitments.  When we are practicing and being consistent, we are both better for it.  When it slowly starts to fall off, we both slowly start to feel it until it is stifling to consider going forward without getting back to these basics.  

We have obviously reached that point.  JP asked me to come up with some ideas for a new format and ideas for 21 days of submission – role adjustment & submission training.  Below are the things I have come up with so far.  When we finalize a plan and I have developed the “token bank,” I will repost.  If anyone has any ideas or specific things that work for them, please comment and let me know!  Thanks in advance.  

Truly humbled,



The next 21 days will be used to reset our perameters, set new goals and reach new heights in our DD – D/s relationship.  I propose the following ideas/actions for use in our renewed 21 Days of Submission & Role Adjustment.



1.  Tokens of Submission

Each day I will “give or perform” one act of submission that can be chosen from a “Token Bank,” that I will provide or as assigned by you.  This doesn’t limit the activities that can be assigned, it just creates a standing list up front.  *If any issue will prevent me from completing this token on any given day, I will let you know as soon as the issue arises.

2.  DD Binder – Create a tabbed binder that will serve as a storage space for any documents we create, assignments/essays I complete, progress logs from weekly review meetings, etc.

3.  Assignments – Essays, writing exercises or any other type of higher-level thinking exercises that are assigned in advance with due dates.  These exercises should serve to replace or added in addition to journaling, but with a focus on things you want to work on, things you want to learn about me, or things you want me to research, study or provide a view-oriented essay on.  This will give you all kinds of fun opportunities to get me focused on digging deeper, thinking more about us and studying the art of submission.

4.  Implement Inventory

(Due by X-X-XX assigned date)

Photograph and Document Implements.  Arrange by category in a 3 ring binder.  Provide pain scale rating and accurate recommendations for use (i.e., best for punishments due to strong sting and intense thud.  OR – perfect for maintenance; encourages focus, but doesn’t hurt severely enough for punishment.  OR – can be used lightly as a toy or for light maintenance, but  used with any amount of real force or medium force for an extended time, this implement should be reserved for only the worst of punishments.) 

5.  Fantasy Fiction Fridays

Every Friday 3500 – 5000 word literotica short story due to JP.  He chooses the topic 7 days in advance, I write the story.  Due by noon (by email) each Friday.


Develop confidence building exercises, tokens of submission and assignments

These can include a wide variety of things.  Ideas are: written assignments; poetry, artistic renderings, research, scavenger hunts, mundane tasks (that need to be done – not just to be mundane for the hell of it), sexual favors, role-definition discipline spankings, etc.

2.  Weekly Review

Conduct a weekly review every Sunday at 8 PM.  Kids in bed, ready for bed ourselves by 8 PM…we meet to discuss the week, the rules, the good and bad and what can and will be improved.  We review the calendar for the following week and add to it if necessary.  Schedule maintenance and any other activities, discuss any feelings or suggestions.

3.  Maintenance – Develop and stick to daily maintenance schedule to include maintenance of discipline and submission.  Geared toward success and love.



Work with me to address a list of 2 or 3 MAJOR categories to work on during the 21 days.  Keeping the list shorter helps to ensure success and follow-through.  Major categories could be things like MONEY and HOUSEKEEPING or PROCRASTINATING and NEW BUSINESS.  Or whatever.  We will work together to define that list, and then we can think of specific rules and exercises.

Top Ten Reasons

Each of us write down our top ten reasons for enjoying our DD – D/s position.  For instance, Me

#10 – I am a woman and you are a man, it feels natural and flows into our intimacy and bond as a couple for me to submit to you physically, mentally, sexually, and spiritually.

2.  Lists of Preferences

A learning activity focused on our own preferences and how we can better meet each others needs through understanding preferences.

-Each will develop a list of preferences…list 10-15 things that really matter (irritate you, hurt your feelings, frustrate you, etc.) and how you would prefer they be handled/dealt with/overcome.  This will only be helpful if done in a constructive and realistic way.  These lists will be kept and referred to.

3.  Love Inspiring Characteristics

A list of five to ten most incredible things we have learned about each other since beginning  domestic discipline or in the last year.


Shutting Up

Why is it so hard for me to shut up sometimes?  The same question could be asked of others, for sure, but I am asking only as it pertains to me.  

Why is it that when I am pissed off, I can’t just be quiet and talk about it later?  Where is my submissive nature and desire to promote peace?  Absent.  

There are two channels that definitely contribute to my inability to stick a sock in it.

1.  Being Tired…a lack of sleep is my worst enemy.

2. Emotional Stress…we aren’t talking regular stress.  This is the kind of stress that is a direct result of dealing with stresses that concern friends and family…health,  safety and well being.  

With the kids starting back to school and some family concerns looming, I am not at my best.  

After failing to keep my mouth shut for the last time (there is only one last time every time….you just never know which time it will be), I got a lecture and 15 swats with the Chechen.  5-6 were of punishment strength and nearly made me cry because I knew I shouldn’t have argued.

I really need to learn to shut the chute and hum Christmas carols or something. 

Although, tonight a similar situation occurred,  but I shut up even while emotionally stressed and tired.  Hopefully it was recognized for effort and obedience.  No Christmas carol hum-along necessary.  

Once again humbled,



Naughty and Negative

I recently had a birthday, like…within the last week.  I got 30+ swats with the Chechen.  They were playful birthday spanks, but had a nice sting to them as well.  It was a fun morning.

I have been doing freelance graphic work for an e-commerce company for almost a year.  Sometimes it is so much fun, but most of the time, the fun cannot overshadow the extreme shadiness of our owner.  He doesn’t seem to wrong our customers in any way.  My ethical barometer definitely has a point of no return and defrauding people is the point of no return. I can still tolerate being there.  However, sometimes his chauvinistic, womanizing behavior is repulsive.  My birthday was one of those days.

I had lunch with a one of the sales reps and the day floated by with some crappy comments from the owner.  The day just wasn’t great.  Friends had forgotten my birthday, it just didn’t seem special.

From the moment I woke up that morning I had a crappy attitude.  It is indeed that time of the month and I can’t seem to shake the negativity during this ‘period’ of time.  Maybe some of you ladies have some suggestions as to how one can remain submissive and sweet and humble when their uterus is about to explode and freaky chemicals are causing bratty explosions of atomic proportions.

I owe him an apology for my seriously negative attitude.  I have been selfish and deserve a bit of a go ’round with a firm implement.  JP is headed to Vegas next week for a conference.  I am sure that before he goes, he will give me the love and discipline that I need.

So even though I am starting to feel the push of maturity nudge out the remainder of my youth, I have never been more engaged or satisfied in our marriage.  I have never felt that our mutual respect for one another was greater or that our interest in being seriously considerate of each other was more deeply rooted.

So, JP, Sir…I love you so much.  I am sorry that I have allowed my negative emotions to rule my attitude.  I am sorry that I took my birthday so personally when I know you have a lot of things going on right now and are making every effort to move our family in the right direction.  I respect you so much and can’t imagine that growing older will be anything but amazing as long as I have you.


In other news, Last weekend was a pretty amazing time.  The closeness and intimacy experienced through living D/s and DD provide a level of erotic fire and hyper-sensuality to our relationship.  Sometimes, I throw my arms around him, fully clothed, and drink in the love and respect that I feel for him – squeezing hard to feel his rugged manliness envelop me.  Other times, I lay back and let him extract the magic that he build in me and cultivates through each tender kiss, each stern glance and every thwack of the paddle that he bestows.  This is no lie, I promise…last weekend, I had over 80 mind blowing orgasms. There are so many times since beginning domestic discipline that once he gets me started, they just keep coming.  😉

I am so thankful for my man, my life and my future.  I have so much on the horizon to look forward to and I feel fortunate.  And humbled.

– Pink.

P.S. – Like the paddle pictured?  I promise I have no affiliation with these guys – but they are AWESOME.  Check out their reviews and amazing work on Etsy.


The best customer service I have experienced in a long time and completely customizable.  With shipping and everything, this amazing paddle was only $69.  When I got it, “Mr. Sporkwood,” told me he had yet to be able to fully capture the beauty of the wood on camera.  I know what he means, it is even more beautiful in real life.